There are so much to do and explore in or around Belakang Kong Heng!

Local Food


Just below our block, you get to find all the local food and delicacies in 'Kopitiam' or Cafe Thean Chun and Kong Heng. Take a sip of the famous Ipoh white coffee and take a bite of the delicious pork satay and shredded chicken noodles (kai see hor fun) and more. That is why Ipoh is named as one of the top destinations for local food by Lonely Planet.

There are also several rustic cafes and patisseries just next to the hotel.



At night you may get to a few hidden bars just around Belakang Kong Heng. Tiga at Market Lane serves cocktails with a local twist. You can also quench your thirst with the unique 'snowy' beer and have some local stir-fried dishes and noodles at Meisin or Frens Corner.​​

Artisan Market


Kong Heng Square offers a wide variety of local handmade and artisan product. Grab some souvenirs and postcards for your friends and family and support the local artist. 

Screening Night


Belakang Kong Heng is not your any come and goes hotels. We want it to be a place where travelers can bring back unique experiences and stories. Watch out for fun and interactive activities, such as art showcases, movie screenings and more.



Bookworms will be in heaven as we are just located on top of Book Xcess Ipoh! You can bury and lock yourself in the basement of the bank filled with books from literature, arts to kids in half or just a fraction of the market price.


Museums & Galleries  

Yasmin Ahmad is a celebrated local director where her films and national holiday commercials had touched and loved by all Malaysians. Now Yasmin at Kong Heng is located at the basement vault of our hotel. You get to be up close and personal into Yasmin's world and her love for Malaysia. There are also many museums at Ipoh old town which are all in walking distance, where you get to learn more of the stories of the city that tin built. 

89 & 91, Jalan Sultan Yusof,

30000, Ipoh PERAK


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